Inherited shame: Forbidden Parths

Hello you guys.

So a lot has been said about fucking/dating a married wo/man. This lot being that people are judged for getting involved with mostly a married man. Women also cheat but then when do you ever hear a man being crucified for being with a married woman?

Anyway I was seating with a friend just the other day enjoying a meal and soaking our blood in alcohol when a grown married man joined us and started chatting up friend. I say married cause he had a wedding band on but listen he was talking like a single man. Actually not too much cause he spoke of t’s & c’s. When to call her and such things.

I find it interesting. That nowadays cheating is not a taboo. But why should it be? Are we conditioned to believe that we can’t share partners?

Anyway I’m curious as to why do women always have to take the blame for things that society considers wrong. If my friend ended up with this man, who clearly approached her she’ll be labelled a whore because she liked a (married) man. Never mind that she hadn’t noticed him until he invited his married self to our table.

If a married women is dating outside her marriage she’s the problem also. Never the man that approached her married self. So are women supposed to keep men at bay? It ain’t our job really. *files nails*

Maybe it’s time people have open minds about these inherited shames and taboos. Inherited because we are told it’s wrong. Is it wrong for you because that’s what you been told or because it feels wrong?

No really hey. Do you.


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