Love is…

So in my 19years of living *giggles* I been in love like twice. Yes only twice. For one I’m not those people who believe I’m in love 4 weeks into a relationship. 4 weeks is a month guys and I don’t believe in love at first sight too. I just can’t comprehend how one loves that which they don’t know. Love is knowledge. I’m not bashing other people’s ideas of concepts of love. Look, to each his own right? Right.

Anyway this is purely based on personal experiences. I had someone tell me love is forgiveness. That when you love someone you find it easier to forgive them. Is this true?? Is it really? I guess.
People’s definition of love will never ever be the same. Love is love is love.

Love is falling asleep with a smile on your face because he laughed at your silliness that you don’t find all too silly. Love is wanting to bottle his scent and take it with you. Love is him planting a kiss at the back of your neck with the stars above you. Love is simple. Love is pure. Love is dirty. Love is blissful and sinful. Love is definetly standing by the balcony, 12am, discussing aliens and reincarnation while sharing a cigarette. Love is for you and it’s for me.

Love will always be the reason and the answer.

Love is (insert his or her name)

SideBar: I haven’t trully appreciated the beauty that is Beyonce’s Smash Into You and Alicia Keys’ Fire We Make.


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