Side chicks and the likes.

Hi guys.

So like anything that I do or start at 2am is never a good idea. Only just the best.

Anyway I came across a tweet on my TL, some young thang talking about how girls go after men knowing very well they taken. This was a tweet from someone who’s always bashing the concept of side chicks and what not.

Now I don’t normally make conclusions about people based on their age but you know if you naive then you are and we can’t save you. Cold world yo.
Alas this tweep likes this side chick phenomen. And I’m sorry but why I wonder, why does people’s choices always seem to bother strangers? Like why is society so judgemental and all of that? I honestly don’t get. *rolls eyes*

Woman in general just love bashing and pulling each other down. No love whatsoever. We fight for dick. Really? A few amazing strokes and we already screaming SPARTAAA! Like do you have a clue how many other women you sharing that dick with?

Honestly just stop blaming other women wen your man cheats. It’s not their fault. This is really simple. It amazes me how this one chick nearly carved my eyes out for a nigga I wasn’t even interested in. ( Needless to say this was 4 years back. I’m done with drama now)

Aaaah yes just live and don’t worry about side chicks and what they do with their cooch since well you the decent perfect girlfriend sister.

PS. I’m currently obsessed wit Sade’s Flow. It’s been on repeat for days. Something about the lyrics. Or because I miss being held thru the night.


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