When you accept less, people have no reason to give you more.

The title of this post is a quote. I came across it at a time when it was not relevant but now it is.

Hello guys.
Late greetings yes. The thing is Im just all sorts of irritated at the choices I’ve made. Excuse me a little bit. *sips on imaginary beer*

Anyway I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands and it really got me thinking about the nonsense I’ve been taking on a platter. The past 7 months might be a reason I will no longer be a very understanding and patient person.

Because of these traits I’ve accepted less, because I thought it will get better. It didn’t get better. I never received more. Because promises were made that weren’t kept. And still I remained understanding. It’s true, people end up not having a reason to give you more. I never gave this particular person a reason to give me more.

Sometimes it’s just better to hit the ground running. Demand what you know is yours and you’ve worked for it from the word go. It is just better. People take advantage of your good traits. Don’t let them. Because they believe you are young, foolish, inexperienced, naive or whatever they can come up with. Their opinions do not define you.

It really is just BS to put oneself in such situations. Alas lesson learned.

So Im currently listening to Pink – Sober.


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