Reason for Tha Mish Factor

When I started this blog it was mainly for myself. I’m not much of a writer. Ok who am I kidding I’ve been writing since I was in primary school. It was a form of an escape to me after I finished reading most of my mother’s novels. Most because some she wouldn’t let me read some books. (I read Danielle Steel’s Mirror Image behind her back and then cried cause it’s such a beautiful book. I recommend it) Anyway my cousin and an old friend have been nagging me to make this blog public so I’m going to start blogging a lot and sharing the links.


This might suprise a few people because my previous posts start with “hi guys” and end with a song I’m currently listening to, well that’s because I knew that at some point this baby was gon go public.


I hope you enjoy my thoughts, ideas and how I put into words whatever life throws at me. I’ll also be sharing posts or poems or whatever interesting things I come across.

Sidebar: I’m really bad at titling and even as I write this I have no idea what I’ma call this post.


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