Month: September 2014


The thing is I miss you and it’s like a storm ragging in my heart. But I know that even the most powerful storms burn themselves out in time.



I keep telling myself I need to forget you and so I wrap my hands around my body to keep the loneliness out. Instead the pieces of me collapse and cave in. When did I become so weak? I lick my lips. They taste like misery and moments like these fluently tell me I’m struggling to breathe without you.

Why I Left

Hello guys. I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. Life just takes over sometimes.

Anyway my cousin sent me this text this morning and I just wanted to share. I try not to stay where I’m not wanted. But I felt this piece so much that I just had to share.

“Why I Stayed

I stayed because I felt like I had no way out.
I stayed because my self worth was buried in the hurtful words he would spew at me.
I stayed because ” no one would want me.”
I stayed because I was going to fight to be “the one.”
I stayed because dysnfunction was all I knew….
I kept going back because I was convinced that love was supposed to hurt.

#Why I Left

I left because I was worn down from the emotional welts and bruised from the verbal backlashing.
I left because killing myself to be nothing to someone else was not going to keep me alive.
And even after leaving from staying so long, I wanted to go back. My defeat was the best barrier between us”