Month: May 2015


You never need to apologize for how you chose to survive. – Clementine von Radics



“Forgive me if I make you everything, for I know not how to love in halves” – Tyler Knott Gregson

The Hurt

It hurts to think about your silence. To reflect on your absence. So I don’t. Instead I nurse the empty hollowness in my stomach and the way my heart cringes at the thought of another human. I have to nurse my heart. I have to dab at its wounds softly and be gentle. It does not want to know any other fire besides the one your eyes emit.


Call your mother. Tell her you love her.Remember, you’re the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside. – Rachel Wolchin

Stages- James Strauss

Stage 1.
We have been soaked in each other for a few days now, hoping that our bodies will heal. Your mother notices that you go missing every night, so you tell her that you have meetings at church. Later at night, you tell me this and I go quiet with guilt. Before falling asleep, you say my body turns into prayer around you.

Stage 2.
I have known you for a while now, and your love still devours everything. You must be what addiction tastes like, because there is always more of you and always less of me.

Stage 3.
We have climbed into each other’s bodies for far too long now. You no longer feel the way belonging does. I have started scratching my skin until it opens. I will try anything to remove you.

– James Strauss