Month: August 2015

Kill You With Silence

I sit on my tongue. Wait for you to tear me up. If I don’t sit on my tongue. I will burn you. I will kill you.


Love Vs Hate

“You say you love me. And then treat me like you hate me”

All Of Me & I.

I am going to learn how to miss you in silence and peace. I’ll draw the silence out, chew the peace and spit it out.
On some days, I’ll learn how to smile as a way of pealing the musk taste from my lips that your absence in your presence brings.

On others I’ll unfold in my love and maybe sacrifice my heart. I’ll learn how to love you from a distance,from angles and empty promises to a bleak future (what future )

And as loud and obvious as my affection is right now. It wakes up sleeping gods and makes my heart run out midnight on the streets and search for you frantically.
My heart and I
My soul & I
My spirit and I
My blood and I
My skin and I
My smile & I
All of me
And I
We will learn how to love you in silence.

– And I.