Why do we ask people “how do you take your coffee, how do you want your eggs, But never “how do you want your love?”

So how do you want to be loved?? Do you need me to carry the moon in my mouth.

Perhaps stalk the stars – let them know they all exist to shine for you.

Let them know the universe merely shifts for you.

Do you want to be loved fiercely and/or gently? Do you want coffee in the morning, with two sugars and a pinch of my smile? Or you simply crave to know I will split the oceans in half, if you wished it so?

Do you want to be loved unapologetically, fearlessly and dramatically?

Are you a selfless god. Does the universe depend on you to let the sun rise every morning and do you carry forests in your eyes? Tell me how to love you and drown in you and breathe a new life. And it will be so.


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