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Red – A Series

I love you.
On most days I feel it coming up my throat and I have to close my eyes. So that the universe does not stand still. So that I don’t run back to you.

I love you.

Some days though, I have to pack it up and leave it under  my pillow and go on with my day.

It’s been four years – my heart stays faithful and true.



Stop by my graveside some time

And put flowers at the headstone of my heart.

Lesson Learned

Extract from Alicia Keys – Lesson Learned with John Mayer

He’s teased your eyes
30 seconds
To apologize

You give him
One more chance
Just like the time before
But he already knows
You’d give a hundred more

(Until that night in bed
You wake up
In a sweat
You racing to the door
Can’t take it anymore)

The Hurt

It hurts to think about your silence. To reflect on your absence. So I don’t. Instead I nurse the empty hollowness in my stomach and the way my heart cringes at the thought of another human. I have to nurse my heart. I have to dab at its wounds softly and be gentle. It does not want to know any other fire besides the one your eyes emit.

Conversations, smoke and hearts. Why you?

You’ve had all sorts of conversations with him in your head. He arrives. He’s finally here. Opens up his arms. You fall into them. The same way water runs in a river. You would tell him how much you have missed him if his presence didn’t fill up your mind with so much smoke. You can only stare as your heart lands right at his feet.

Confronting Storms- Rae Lyric

I picked up this line from one of my favorite blogs. It just resonated with me and I thought let me share.

”I am not afraid of confronting storms, of being broken without the prospect of being mended again. Just so you know, I sometimes chase hurt so I have things to write about so do not shine your ego with thoughts of you you broke the spirit of a strong woman by you own doing. Never that. I fell for you on purpose”

If you want to read the whole post, here is the link.

One of my fave’s